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Throughout this year of 2022, series of activities of different programs are planned for implementation at the Bible Society of Rwanda; Trauma Healing Program is among them and its first activity has kicked off.

From the 22nd to 25th of February 2022, at Centre St.Vincent Pallotti Gikondo, an Equipping Session to Facilitators has been organized by the Bible Society of Rwanda whereby 20 participants from different denominations gathered to learn basic biblical and mental health principles related to trauma care.

During the 4days training, this group of facilitators was equipped with basic biblical resources in order to support them throughout the journey of healing the wounds of hearts to the people and most importantly to first explore their own trauma and how to bring it to Christ for their healing. The group also benefited from different challenging exercises during the training and experiences of their facilitators who exposed them to different personal and general realities of life, they were also equipped with principles of mental health related to trauma and this to build their capacity to be more welcoming and understanding to those who will be coming to them for help.

The General Secretary of BSR who officially closed this initial session of facilitators, assured participants that “the Bible Society of Rwanda is trusting them as trained people who will do good first to heal themselves but also help others in the healing process. He also reminded them that being given certificates as people who completed that level of training is also a proof of trust that the BSR is placing in them as people who will represent it through the trauma healing process efforts around the country in their respective churches and communities.”

He reminded them that BSR expects them to amplify this mission by helping to bring wounded hearts of peoples into the journey and healing process through the Biblical based values that includes engaging with scriptures. He ended with a blessing prayer for participants and thanked them for dedicating their time and energy during the training, He thanked the BSR team for carrying all these activities

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