Job & Careers

The Bible Society of Rwanda is a Christian Organization and member of United Bible Societies (UBS) which work together for consultation, mutual support and action in the common tasks and objectives of achieving the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of Holy Scriptures and help the people to interact with the Word of God.
The Bible Society work started 1975 as a depot. In May 1977 it became an office lead by executive committee under UBS Leadership. By September 1988 it became associate member of UBS. In 2000 it becomes UBS full member.
Note that the first Bible Society is BFBS (British Foreign Bible Society) started in 1804 and UBS as an Organization bringing together all National Bible societies started in 1946.
The Bible Society of Rwanda has 34 members includes 31 Churches and Dioceses (Catholic and Anglican) and 3 Christian Organizations. The total population within those members is estimated to 80% of the Christian population in Rwanda.

The BSR recruits employees through a clear and transparent process that is based on competences of individuals.

There are no job opportunities currently at the Bible Society of Rwanda, however visit this site for possible updates in the future.