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From the 15th to 17th of December, The Bible Society of Rwanda in partnership with the Mother’s Union of the Anglican Church of Rwanda carried out three days of training through the Good Samaritan Program of the United Bible Societies intended to contribute to zero new infections and zero discrimination by means of scripture-based HIV material and interactive training.

The training was held at Centre St.Vincent Pallotti and couples from different denominations received packages such as Preparation and Enrichment for #Marriage (Love, Sex and Marriage), and went through lessons which are based on a series of 4Films produced based on challenges faced by an African Family;

  • African Culture
  • Why marry
  • Management of Money
  • Sharing expectations

 And all these shall be helpful in their journey of life together with their partners.

The mother’s union played a significant role during the training, they shared their experiences in relationships as wise mothers and advised couples to be prayerful all along the journey but also with a good practice of caring, sharing, listening, and forgiving each other in marriage.

Bible Society of Rwanda appreciated the approach used during the workshop and thanked Mother’s Union for their dedication during the workshop and decided to further its working relationships with the Anglican Church of Dioceses of Gasabo

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