Bible Advocacy

Fighting Against Illiteracy In Churches Of Rwanda

The literacy program in Churches of Rwanda is given in Kinyarwanda language, which is the language spoken in the country. Each year, the program is introduced in three new areas and run mostly by churches in selected rural districts located in rural areas. The BSR continues to assist and work with local churches to implement literacy program where it has been introduced. New teachers are trained In each district, and will open new literacy classes the help other illiterate people and the BSR  provides Bible Based literacy materials which motivates the learners to engage with Scriptures.

Comfort the victims of COVID-19 in Rwanda

Covid-19  has damaged the ways of living of many people and they are living without hope for the future; some lost their jobs and incomes, business has collapsed and uncertainty reigned all over.

BSR is responding in restoring hope for the people affected by COVID-19 through providing them Scriptures and social assistance, Equipping them with knowledge to overcome the consequences of COVID-19, Distribute Scriptures to those affected by COVID-19 in order to help them to engage with Scriptures and having a positive and transformed life.

Trauma Healing Project For Rwandan Population After 1994 Genocide

The Rwandan people have been deeply suffered from the 1994 Tutsi Genocide and its consequences. This is shown by numbers of persons living with trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The Bible Society of Rwanda have taken a step in the process to bring to Rwandan community through Churches the Bible based Trauma healing program which is helping the community and people to move from the trauma suffering life to a positive living without trauma and this will lead to peace, and be helpful in the Unity and reconciliation process for Rwandans and their neighbors.

Rebuilding Hope for Street Children

The Bible Society of Rwanda responds to the problem of street children in Rwanda that existed from very early in 1984 and 1985, One of the aims of BS Rwanda is to reintroduce these children back into the community and families, either natural families or foster families.

BS Rwanda wants to help these children to rebuild their beliefs, hope and Aspirations. BS Rwanda work in close relations with Christian organization owning care center for the street children and make sure they emphasize on Christian teaching in those centers. BS Rwanda mobilises Generous Families to accommodate the children in their family and provide for them.

Scriptures For Faith Comes By Hearing Participants (FCBH)

The literacy level of Rwandans has improved so far but there are still a number of people (old) who still can’t read or write for themselves. The Bible Society of Rwanda conducts this FCBH project to give opportunity to illiterate people in order for them to hear the Word of God and it incite those who can read to follow in printed Bibles. It is a tool, which helps believers and non-believers to hear the Word of God. It help Christians in different churches to be more involved in the Scriptures engagement and to reach at the same time to young and old people with the word of GOD.

Scripture Distribution Project

Following its mandate, the Bible Society of Rwanda conducts this project aiming at supporting people without means to afford the price of the Bible in Rwanda. The people’s desire to have their own Bibles in Rwanda is increasing but the big challenge is that the big number may not be able to reach to their dreams because of poverty.

 People in prisons and Students in Secondary school who are orphans and have other psycho social problems. The project will help more people to interact with the Word of God and impact at the same time individuals and the community. With the distribution of Bibles in places like Prisons is expected to help the Unity and Reconciliation process among Prisoners, Genocide Survivors and their respective families.

Empowering Sunday/Sabbath Schools
Developing Future Leaders Of Rwanda (DFL) Project